Sweet Wolfy


13 years

Family Members:

Techno Pack


Techno Wolfy


Lightning Wolfy


Sweet Wolfy is a female Techno wolf. She has a neon green body, neon pink underfur, neon orange tail, and neon purple bangs. She usally wears rainbow earphones.


SW can spew poisonous rainbows out of her mouth. She can also become the ultamate Techno Wolfy when angered. Her fur color changes very fast, casting a light beam that transports whoever encounters with the beam into an alternate neon reality and can only come back if Sweet said so. Her headphones transmit a special sound that works as a charger for Sweet's powers, and if they were destroyed, Sweet would be trapped in the alternate neon reality and the enemies would escape.


Nacho Wolfy is her awesome uncle.


Sweet is very hyper, and not easily angered. She loves to listen to music, where she gets her powers from.

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